1981 Chevrolet Corvette



Seller’s Description

It will come with a clean title! a full tank of gas! brand new tires just installed 2 days ago. Brand new oil change done yesterday. The interior is in pretty good shape. for its year. Original matching engine. I love this thing but I have way too many toys. I don't even drive them anymore. I just put lots money into them and they sit around in my garage. Its a bad habit that I have to stop doing. This thing rides like a dream. Needs super tiny details like a couple lights covers and a stereo. I will be installing a sound system in it. But If I do. The price will go up. about $1,000 dollars if I do. Call me its first come first serve. Automatic, v8, 89k miles. come and test drive it! You will fall in love with it!



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Robert Lozano


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