1994 Honda Accord



Seller’s Description

IF THE ADS UP ITS FOR SALE. NO YOU WONT BE ABLE TO DRIVE IT HOME . NO YOU CANT WORK ON IT AT MY PLACE. NO TRADES. ITS BEEN IN THE DESERT SO THE WIRES AND HOSES ARE PROBABLY TOAST FROM LIL CREATURES HAVING LUNCH BE REALISTIC ITS A 600 CAR THATS FOR PARTS.ANY MORE TEXTS WITH ALL THE QUESTIONS ABOUT WHATS ALREADY IN THIS POST I WILL NOT RESPOND TO THIS is a parts car . The year I'm guessing but I think I'm close. DMV fees were so high the previous owner did not want to pay them. Plus back fees. The motor ran and the stick shift trans worked. We had removed the seats for another Honda but ended up not using them. So I believe I may still have the front and back seats. Car come with bill of sale only. Car is located in 29 palms cal



Scott A Hartsfield


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