2008 Smart Fortwo



Seller’s Description

COME AND GET IT BEFORE THURSDAY AND ITS $3,500. If not i'll just go back to original price after Thursday. Perfect starter car or Point A to point B car. Maintnenced by a mechanic regularly. Battery replaced this year. Last oil change was this week. White to pink paint shift(paint has wear and tear) Stickers and accessories included if wanted(besides my stuffed animals) Clean title Tags expire this month in June This car is Gas($30 full tank on premium) and is semi automatic so you can pick automatic or paddle manuel. Convertable Pink trim inside is fully removable Just a super fun car in general, visually, and best part is that it feels like you're driving your own personal mario cart! I loveeee this car so please don't think insulting it is going to bully me into going incredibly low price wise. I am selling because I can no longer afford to finance two cars in this expensive economy.



Alexis Herrera


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