2023 Titanium enclosed



Seller’s Description

We Bought this trailer to move from California to Iowa and we want to see if anybody would be interested before we get back. We will be back end of june or July 1st with the trailer at our home in West Des Moines Iowa. 2023 2 CAR HAULER 34ft LONG _____________________________________ -EMPTY WEIGHT=4,800 LBS -GVWR= 9,900 -6'5" high back door clearance -6'6" interior height -5,000 LB AXELS -Added Diamondplate floor -CAMERA SYSTEM FOR BACKING UP - (COMES WITH CAMS AND SCREEN FOR YOUR TRUCK) -TRAILER HAS AROUND 7K MILES ON IT -BRAKES AND TIRES ARE LIKE NEW -NO CDL REQUIRED FELL FREE TO ASK ANY QUESTIONS *VEHICLE LOCATION IS WEST DES MOINES IOWA. IT WILL BE THERE by JULY 1ST to be viewed in person.



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